Last call for alcohol: SA rushes to stockpile booze

The sale and transportation of alcohol will be outlawed for the next three weeks. Tipplers are already lining up outside liquor stores to stock up on their drink of choice. #21dayLockdownSA #StayHomeSA #Rundown Courtesy #DStv403

JOHANNESBURG -The sale of alcohol will be prohibited throughout the 21-day lockdown implemented by the government to limit the spread of COVID-19.

Only outlets that sell essential goods such as food and medicine will remain open during the lockdown beginning on Thursday at midnight.

SA Lockdown: No alcohol will be sold 

South Africans' response to the news of the prohibition seems not to be in line with Police Minister Bheki Cele's plea for them to remain sober throughout the lockdown, but rather to stockpile enough booze for 21 days.

The Consumers Goods Council has also warned of possible looting during the nationwide lockdown.

The council's Patricia Pillay said, "where we are on high alert is when the stores shut down.

"Today we're expecting calm. We'll be more concerned when the [non-essential] shops are closed. When that happens we will have private security to ensure they are patrolling."

The Consumer Goods Council is warning of possible looting during the nationwide lockdown. The country has already seen panic buying at several stores around the country. With just hours before the nationwide lockdown, more panic buying is expected. #21dayLockdownSA #StayHomeSA

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