WATCH | Walus will meet his fate - Lesufi

Gauteng Premier Panyaza Lesufi commented on the release of Janusz Walus on parole. #dstv403

JOHANNESBURG - The Justice Department has confirmed that Chris Hani's killer Janusz Walus's parole began on Wednesday.

He was discharged from hospital earlier and will serve two years under community corrections in line with his parole conditions.

Walus was stabbed by a fellow inmate last week following his parole being granted.

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He has been in jail since 1993 for the murder of the then-SACP leader.

The Department of Correctional Services says more information will be provided by the minister's office.  

Gauteng Premier Panyaza Lesufi also commented in Walus's release.

He said Walus must rot and must not think that he'll enjoy life.

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"It's a sad day. Those who know who Chris Hani was... will know that that murderer doesn't deserve to be out of prison.

"But if a decision is taken by the court we respect that," he said.

Lesufi said they were very disappointed.

"Wherever he goes, he must know he's a loser. There's nothing heroic about him."


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