Lethole family responds to Health Ombud's findings

The Health Ombudsman’s report revealed that Shonisani Lethole was starved for more than 100 hours before his death. Courtesy of #DStv403

JOHANNESBURG - Shonisani Lethole’s mother has welcomed the Health Ombudsman’s report on the death of her son.

Patricia Lethole said Tembisa Hospital staff must undergo ethical leadership training.

Shonisani died at the hospital in July last year after being admitted with breathing difficulties.

The ombudsman’s report revealed how he was starved for more than 100 hours.

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Patricia said her son's case is not an isolated one at Tembisa Tertiary Hospital, adding that many families have had the worst experiences with the facility.

She also expressed her disappointment in some hospital staff for withholding the truth over what really happened to her son.

"I was so surprised. That a hospital can really be an enemy of truth like this, is shocking. 

"We are deeply disappointed that these senior staff who are entrusted with providing care for the sick and vulnerable during a pandemic could not find the ethical courage, to tell the truth, and speak out.

"How can you deal with human beings if you cannot uphold the truth?" she asked. 


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