Lights to stay on this festive season: Eskom

The power utility says the probability of load-shedding remains low until 13 January. Eskom hopes to use the December period to intensify maintenance activities. For more on this we are joined by Eskom CEO, Phakamani Hadebe. Courtesy #DStv403

JOHANNESBURG - The lights will stay on during the festive season.

That's the word from Eskom bosses, who say the situation is gradually improving despite the coal shortage crisis.

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Eight of the power utility’s plants are below the required 20 days of coal stockpiles.

But Eskom says the probability of load-shedding remains low, at least until mid-January.

Eskom warns that the power grid remains vulnerable, with the risk of power outages. 

Ageing power stations are hampering generating capacity, resulting in load-shedding.

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The power utility has been at pains to explain that the load-shedding was not due to coal shortage.

But plans are in place to increase stock. 

Emergency procurement in the last few weeks has brought in an additional 20-million tonnes of coal.

However heavy rains over the next three months could impact coal handling and impact generation capacity.