Lindani Myeni's family to open wrongful death suit

The family of Lindani Myeni is preparing to file a wrongful death lawsuit against the city and county of Honolulu. the south African was shot and killed by policemen in the US when they responded to an alleged burglary. But details emerging about the incident remain sketchy. Courtesy #DStv403


JOHANNESBURG - The family of Lindani Myeni is preparing to file a wrongful death lawsuit after he was killed by police in Hawaii.

The former rugby player had moved to Honolulu in Hawaii with his young family in January.

Lindani's widow, Lindsey Myeni, said she hasn't received any help from the South African to help repatriate his body.

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Myeni earlier spoke to Uveka Rangappa on NewsLink, detailing the events surrounding her husband's death.

"We spent the whole day together, as a family, driving up north about an hour and we stopped at little things along the way, [visiting] culturally significant spiritual places. He knew he wanted spiritual guidance that day, he knew something was off, he just was praying," Myeni recalled.

"We got home and I made did dinner, and said, "stay, you don't need to go". He was like, "I just need to clear my mind. I need to go for a drive".

"I told him, "just sit down for dinner, you've hardly eaten today. Just relax" and he said, "no, I need to just go for a drive".

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"So I kiss him goodbye. I will always remember that kiss. He just kissed me in the kitchen and he left. I didn't hear anything until the next day but I have my phone records, showing I called him at 7.52pm. The police said by their record by 8.10pm they had murdered him."

Myeni said she thought Lindani may have been trying to find a temple in the area.

"I think he might have been trying to drive to the temple because he was looking for a place to pray or figure out and clear his mind about what was stressing him in life. Good stress -- happy stress, he was about to get his green card.

"I would like to see them [the police officers] spend time in jail, just because I feel like that would humble them and allow them to see people in jail as humans. I would like to see them do some time, at least. I would love to see real reform in the way that people are treated by police across America."


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