LIVE BLOG: Mozambique reeling after yet another cyclone

Joel Guy has the latest from the weather centre. #Dstv403

JOHANNESBURG - A little further along that coast, Mozambique is reeling from the effects of yet another cyclone.

Kenneth has hit the northern parts of the country with winds equivalent to a category 3 hurricane.

WATCH: Cyclone Kenneth fast approaching Mozambique’s coastline

Authorities have been warning people in 17 at-risk districts to move out of the area.

WATCH: Cyclone Kenneth hits Comoros, heads for Mozambique

The storm is expected to dump huge amounts of rain over the next four days. And severe flooding is expected.

Cyclone Kenneth has already killed 3 people in the Comoro Islands on the way to the Mozambican coast.

Cyclone Idai tore through Beira last month, killing more than a thousand people.