WATCH: Booysen testifies at Mokgoro inquiry

  • Editor's note: This livestream has ended. You may watch the recording above.

JOHANNESBURG - Former KwaZulu-Natal Hawks boss Johan Booysen testified at the Mokgoro inquiry on Monday.

The inquiry is looking into Nomgcobo Jiba and senior prosecutor Lawrence Mrwebi's fitness to hold office.

Booysen has stated he has no faith in the NPA but will trust the courts, who have vindicated him before.

He has been in and out of court for years facing charge after charge, many of them instituted by Jiba.

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Booysen was arrested in 2012, accused of heading the so-called "Cato Manor death squad".

Those involved were accused of killing suspects among other crimes.

Jiba decided to charge Booysen.

A court later found there was no chance of a successful prosecution and a judge ruled Jiba had perjured herself when she said there was evidence of racketeering against Booysen.

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The Sunday Times, which first reported on Cato Manor, later apologised and admitted the stories contained mistakes.

Booysen took early retirement in 2017 after almost 42 years in the service.

His fight with Jiba continues at the Mokgoro Commission of Inquiry when he's expected to shed more light on her conduct in the NPA.

A man who's been a thorn in Nomgcobo Jiba's side is set to take the stand at the Mokgoro. Former KwaZulu-Natal Hawks boss Johan Booysen is expected to testify. Courtesy #DStv403