WATCH: eNCA Town Hall Debate - Cape Town

Note: On 27 March, eNCA will host its second Townhall Meeting, this time in Durban. 

Until then, catch up on what went down at the Cape Town debate, below. 

Michelle Craig is in Cape Town, where she's hosting eNCA's first Town Hall Debate ahead of #Election2019.

JOHANNESBURG -  Senior Western Cape politicians were put through their paces in eNCA's first Town Hall Debate on Thursday morning. 

Supporters arrived in their regalia and they had a chance to speak directly to those seeking their vote.

The Western Cape is a key election province and home to over six million people.

In Cape Town, key issues include gangsterism, drugs, water scarcity, and identity politics

eNCA presenter Michelle Craig will facilitate the debate at the Rocklands Civic Centre in Mitchell's Plain from 11am. 



Today, we start the first of our town hall debates series. Residents of Mitchells Plain in Cape Town will get a chance to speak directly to those seeking their votes. eNCA anchor and debate host, Michelle Craig, is there now to give us a glimpse of what to expect.