WATCH: Chinese ambassador updates SA on coronavirus

The Coronavirus death toll in China has passed an 1800. China's Ambassador to South Africa, Lin Songtian is giving an update on what is now known as the Covid-19 outbreak.

• Editor's note: This live event has ended. You may watch a recording above

JOHANNESBURG - Ambassador of China to South Africa, Lin Songtian will host a media briefing at the Chinese Embassy in Pretoria.

Songtia will take questions on the latest developments of COVID-19 epidemic and give clarity on joint efforts between China and South Africa.

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He will also be responding to statements made by US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo on how China has handled the epidemic.

The COVID-19 virus, which is believed to have originated in Wuhan late last year, has spread to more than 72,000 people and killed 1,900 in China.