WATCH | IEC briefing on readiness for polls

If you haven’t checked your voter registration details by now. Don’t fret. You’ve got another chance to lodge your particulars this weekend. The IEC will update reporters on its readiness, later this afternoon in Centurion.

* Editor's note: This live event has ended. You may watch a recording above.

CENTURION - The local government elections are fast approaching.

The Independent Electoral Commission is briefing the media about its readiness.

Some political parties and independent candidates have begun campaigning.

WATCH:  IEC update on elections programme

Voters will have one last chance to register to vote in the November municipal elections.

More than 23,000 voting stations will be open between 8am and 5pm on Saturday and Sunday.

Just don’t forget to take your ID and if you want to avoid the effort, you can always register online.

Log onto the website: register to


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