WATCH: Court dismisses Myeni plea application

OUTA will find out whether it has legal standing against former SAA chairperson, Dudu Myeni.

• Editor's note: This live event has ended. You may watch a recording above.

JOHANNESBURG - Another setback for former SAA head Dudu Myeni as she loses the latest round in her legal fight with OUTA.

Judge Ronel Tolmay has dismissed an application to remove OUTA from Myeni's delinquency case.

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Myeni was ordered to pay costs.

Earlier, Tolmay also ruled against Myeni, saying she is not allowed to make amendments to her plea or allow for other board members to be included in the delinquency case.

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Myeni argued OUTA should not be part of the case as it is not affected by what's happening at SAA.

OUTA and the South Africa Pilots Association approached the court to have Myeni declared a delinquent director.