WATCH: Transnet information officer testifies at state capture inquiry

Transnet's spending on trains reached astronomical heights, without good reason. 

• Editor's note: This live event has ended. You may watch a recording above.

JOHANNESBURG - Sharla Chetty, Chief Information Officer of Transnet Port Terminal, is testifying at the state capture inquiry.

Earlier on Friday, chartered accountant Roberto Gonsalves raised information on another skyrocketing contract.

He was testifying at the state capture inquiry on Thursday.

On Thursday, Transnet's former strategy manager Francis Callard also testified.   

WATCH: Former Transnet strategist testifies at state capture inquiry

Callard described his time at Transnet bittersweet.

He's testified that escalating prices made no sense.

He said early 2018 when he gained access to the spreadsheets, he tried to do damage control without success.