Load-shedding staved off for now

JOHANNESBURG - Rolling blackouts this week have left South Africans fuming.

Eskom has announced the chance of load-shedding should be low over the next few days but it may change at any time.

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Individual municipalities are still experiencing strain and unexpected outages.

Johannesburg City Power representative Isaac Mangena said, "we've had several of our mini substations exploding.

"Also, the criminal element that is taking advantage of the time when the electricity is not there, where cables are stolen."

The lack of electricity can also leave you with dry taps as has happened in some areas of Joburg.

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Johannesburg Water's Isaac Dhludhlu stated, "most of the complaints that we've received to date have come from the Brixton area, where the tower pump during load shedding we had to switch off the pump. It couldn't feed into the tower, which then would be able to dispense water to residents."

Eskom continues to urge residents and businesses to use electricity sparingly.