Mabuza urges customers to pay up for electricity

JOHANNESBURG - Eskom's acting CEO Jabu Mabuza has made a strong statement against people and organisations who refuse to pay their electricity bills.

Mabuza supported the user-pay principle at a meeting between Eskom, Salga, and Cogta on Tuesday, to discuss the findings of the inter-ministerial task team on electricity and water boards.

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"We have to collect that [money], or we have to stop supplying customers that are not paying us," he said.

"There are a lot of other issues around that from constitutionality to interdicts -- if it's not interdicted it's a political intervention that's 'don't do this now', that's the real point for now."

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He reiterated, "the point for us, we need to be paid for what we have supplied which we are carrying costs to produce and to supply. If not, we are caught up." 


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