Magashule: ANC selective over resolutions

Suspended ANC secretary-general Ace Magashule spoke with eNCA's JJ Tabane on his show, Power to Truth.

JOHANNESBURG - Suspended ANC Secretary-General Ace Magashule says leaders of the ANC have asked him why the party is in a rush to implement the step-aside resolution and not other decisions taken at the national conference.

He said that as secretary-general, his job was to implement resolutions, but also to defend ordinary members against unfair decisions.

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He spoke to JJ Tabane on Power To Truth on Monday, saying: "In terms of conference resolutions, I was implementing conference resolutions and the matter, for now, is sub-judice, I may actually have done something wrong or right.

"If the court says it was wrong, in terms, of the interpretation of the resolutions of the conference.

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"And that's why one of the leaders said to me, of the four I've consulted, he said 'tell me why is the ANC in a rush to implement this resolution? They can't implement, and they have reasons even without trying, to implement the nationalisation of the Reserve Bank, expropriation of land without compensation, free education, why are they in a rush to implement this one and for these other resolutions they have reasons why they cannot be... is this one not going to divide the ANC further, is it not going to narrow the base of the African National Congress?" he asked.

"I said well once the organisation decides, but I am as a member who must also fight for the rights of ordinary members. If I'm secretary-general and you can just deal with ordinary members, I must be able to defend those ordinary members on the ground."


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