Makhura: We can't afford to shut economy

Gauteng Premier David Makhura is warning against shutting down the economy. Courtesy #DStv403

JOHANNESBURG - If you live in Gauteng, the guessing game is over: The third wave has arrived.

Premier David Makhura made that announcement on Friday.

Gauteng currently has over 6,700 cases.

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This makes it the province with the highest number of active infections.

Tougher lockdown restrictions could be imposed but Makhura is warning against shutting down the economy.

"It is safer to say to the people of our province. If the numbers can double in two days within one week, if the numbers can double as they have done we must be very worried," Makhura said.

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"It means the virus is out there, there too many people getting infected with the virus.

"We will not recommend a shutdown of the economy," the premier said.

Makhura said the storm is here.

"People are no longer observing that there are stricter regulations," he said.


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