Malema tells vendors to own means of production

This week he lashed out at Mayor Herman Mashaba for the citizen's arrest on a man who was transporting cows' heads in the city. Courtesy #DStv403

JOHANNESBURG - EFF leader Julius Malema has told Johannesburg’s informal traders they should aim to own the means of production. 

Malema met with vendors as part of his party's manifesto consultation and the traders shared their concerns with him.

The informal traders are candid about what worries them and that includes the scourge of corruption in the sector and how permits are allocated.

Some vendors say sometimes police and taxi operators assault them.

The traders are demanding an urgent meeting with Johannesburg Mayor Herman Mashaba.

Recently, Mashaba came under fire after this tweet about a man who was seen transporting slaughtered cattle heads in a trolley in the Johannesburg CBD.

He said he'd stopped an illegal act, which he claimed posed a risk of disease.

However, he has since apologised. 

"Why is Mashaba saying what is saying, because we have been eating it because we didn't have options, now we have democracy and let us do things to befit the dignity of black people," Malema.

Traders are demanding solutions to their concerns now and say they won't be used during campaigning for the upcoming general elections.

Malema has pointed out that informal trading plays a significant role in the country's economy.

"This is an important group in our economy, we thought this is an important constituency and we must listen to them. In most cases, they are being harassed and they create their own space, so we want to help them," he said. 

The gathering formed part of the EFF's consultation with various sectors of community, as part of communicating its manifesto ahead of the 2019 elections. 

EFF leader Julius Malema addressed informal traders in Johannesburg today. Courtesy #DStv403