Mamabolo: Govt can't fix pothole issues on its own

If you travel in Gauteng, at some point, if not every day, you'll find yourself driving on potholed, poorly -maintained roads which are a nightmare to navigate. For more, #eNCA speaks to Roads and Transport MEC, Jacob Mamabolo. Courtesy #DStv403

JOHANNESBURG - Gauteng Roads and Transport  MEC, Jacob Mamabolo says government can't fix pothole issues on its own.

He says weather conditions also impact the country's roads, which are poorly maintained, potholed, and deteriorating.

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"The impact of the rains we have seen has its own time lag in terms of when we can respond to per the severity and impact coming from the rainfalls, they may not be there but their impact is sustained over time," he said.

"As for the amount of work that will be done, we continue to report on the work that we are doing and I can assure the viewers that the partnership with the municipalities and the private sector will be improved."

Watch the video above for more details. 


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