Mamelodi residents counting the cost of devastating floods

Hundreds of Mamelodi residents lost their homes when floodwaters swept through informal settlements in the area. Courtesy #DStv403

PRETORIA - A bleak festive season is on the cards for about a hundred families in Mamelodi - east of Pretoria - after flooding left them homeless.

The residents are now being housed in churches and community halls and surrounding areas.

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Dozens of shacks were destroyed in a low-lying area in the eastern part of the township on Monday.

“I thought I was strong but I’m actually not that strong,” said Amina Khoza, a Mamelodi resident.

“I had found a five-day contract job but I couldn’t go. The security uniform was swept away by the floods and all I had left was the boots. My children and I have no clothes”.

While government has urged all those living in low-lying areas to leave - residents in the section of Mamelodi say they have to choice but to rebuild their homes here.


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