Manhunt for suspected Pretoria serial killer

Police have launched a manhunt for suspects in the murders of homeless men in Pretoria. Courtesy #DStv403

PRETORIA – Police have launched a manhunt for suspects after a fifth homeless man was found dead in Pretoria.

A high-level team has been set up to investigate the deaths.

Police are remaining mum on whether or not this is the work of a serial killer but with five bodies of middle-aged men murdered in their sleep, the killings have left the capital city’s homeless community concerned about where they will sleep at night and if they will be safe.

A homeless man has described how he discovered the body of a man he once shared a bed with at Magnolia Park.

“He had deep gashes on his face, also stab wounds to his chest and he was stabbed all over,” said the 28-year-old.

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Three bodies were discovered in that park 2 weeks ago.

The fourth and fifth were found on Tuesday and Wednesday.

The Tshwane Leadership Foundation in Pretoria, which tackles homelessness among other issues, says it takes a certain personality to commit such acts.

“It’s not really surprising that in society we see these things because some get a kick out to violently attack people that are much less powerful than them, this is a societal issue there’s a policing of homeless of where to be and not to be but this is extreme example of people disregarding their humanity,” said Wayne Renkin from the Tshwane Leadership Foundation.

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A task team of forensic specialists and crime intelligence officers has been deployed to crack the case.

While the men are yet to be identified, the homeless have been urged to be vigilant and sleep in groups.

Police are urging anyone with information to come forward.

A high-level team will investigate the mysterious deaths of homeless men in Pretoria. A fifth body was found this morning in Muckleneuk. Courtesy #DStv403