Manuel, Brown's court challenges 'kicks of dying horse': Mpofu

For the second day this week and a day before the election, the Economic Freedom Fighters will be appearing in the South Gauteng High Court again, on a different matter. Courtesy #DStv403

JOHANNESBURG -The EFF’s Dali Mpofu says Karima Brown and Trevor Manuel are in cahoots, trying to stop South Africans voting for the party.

“Of course we deny we defamed him. Let’s say we defamed him, why is it important for this case to be heard two days before the election."

"It's very clear that this is an orchestrated and choreographed ploy, last kicks of a dying horse, the last-ditch attempt by the enemies and haters of the EFF, hoping to reduce the number of our votes tomorrow,” said Mpofu.

UPDATE: Trevor Manuel's case against EFF postponed

Manuel’s case against the EFF has been postponed to next week.

Brown's case was postponed on Monday.

WATCH: Malema questions Kieswetter's appointment

Manuel is accusing the red berets of defaming him, by claiming he favoured the appointment of Edward Kieswetter, as SARS commissioner.

Party leaders even said Manuel and Kieswetter are related.