Marikana massacre | Litigants given deadline to settle matters

JOHANNESBURG - Nearly a decade later and the Marikana massacre saga may possibly come to a close.

Solicitor-General Fhedzisani Pandelani says numerous settlements have been made to affected parties.

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He added that one of the survivors has been awarded nearly R3.5 million while the remaining matters are still being tended to in a court of law.

"I can also give the assurance that to the extent that is possible, we could in fact be in a position to resolve all of those matters within this month," he said.

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Families of the victims are demanding an apology and R1-billion.

"I am also to announce that all of those matters were sat down by the High Court in Pretoria and the directive was they should either be settled or will have to serve before court by end of August this year."


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