Marine life in jeopardy as sewage pours into Durban harbour

eNCA's Mawande Kheswa has more. #Dstv403

DURBAN - Sewage is pouring into the Durban harbour.

The eThekwini municipality is blaming the failure of some of its pumps.

As a result, the Transnet National Ports Authority has suspended all diving operations.

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Angling activities are also prohibited as the discharge poses a risk to people and marine life.

"We've had some minor problems with our rakes that come into the pump station," said water and sanitation consultant Dave Wilson.

"[This] allowed foreign objects to come into the pump station which stops the pumps from vibrating and the pumps eventually work themselves to a frenzy and they break down.

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"Unfortunately, in this instance, we've had four pumps that have gone down."

Government says the threat to people is contained, but marine life might bear the brunt.