Mashaba 'looks forward' to another no-confidence vote

The ANC is expected to propose another motion of no confidence in the mayor. Courtesy #DStv403

JOHANNESBURG - The DA says the ANC's proposed motion of no confidence against Joburg Mayor, Herman Mashaba is a smokescreen.

The ANC's motion is expected to be tabled at the legislature at a Council sitting scheduled for 22 August.

But the DA says it’s an effort by the ANC to regain control of the city.

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“I look forward to meeting the ANC on the floor of Council on 22 August where the hypocrisy of their baseless allegations will be exposed, and the nefarious motives of their motion made clear,” said Mashaba in a statement.

Member of the Mayoral Committee (MMC) for Finance, Councillor Funzela Ngobeni said it would be unfortunate if the EFF helps oust Mashaba.

“For us, unfortunately, we don't have access to what the EFF caucus will be aiming to do with regards to this us it will be unfortunate because we have done so much in the past 2 to 3-years as a coalition government with the assistance of the EFF,” said Ngobeni.