Matjila laments PIC exit

Former PIC CEO Dan Matjila was testifying at the inquiry into the PIC. Courtesy #DStv403

JOHANNESBURG - Former PIC CEO Dan Matjila laments being forced out of the asset manager after working there for 15 years.

He was testifying at the inquiry into the PIC.

On Matjila's last day on the stand, he said only a few people wanted him gone.

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A number of witnesses had severely implicated him in wrongdoing at the PIC.

"I have built a career in 15 years. I think I have done well, only to be destroyed by a hand full of people who come and tell the commission how bad the PIC has performed and so on and so forth, telling what I believe was not true at all,” said Matjila.

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He also pled ignorance to alleged manipulation of Ayo Technology Solutions share price.

The Corporation invested a staggering R4.3-billion into Ayo, paying around R43 per share.

Matjila says it wasn't his responsibility to conduct due diligence on the company's listing.