Matjila's style 'misunderstood'

Dan Matjila has told the PIC inquiry that under his leadership, the asset manager was very successful.

JOHANNESBURG - Former PIC CEO Dan Matjila says it’s important for the commission to remember that 98 percent of investments done by the PIC under his watch are performing well. 

He says while he isn’t trying to bring the work of the commission into question, he's the only CEO who took the asset manager up to a R2-trillion value.

On Tuesday, things got a little heated at the PIC inquiry.

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Commissioner Judge Lex Mpati asked the evidence leader to “tone it down”. 

Matjila, who has been on the stand for three weeks now, is being probed on investments that the asset manager made.

But his lawyer Advocate Alex Roelofse says the legal team is being unfair.

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This is because they're not allowing Matjila to have access to certain documents before they're referred to during cross-examination.

Matjila has been facing a string of allegations

Despite being accused of spying on staff, Matjila has told the PIC Inquiry he tried to ensure confidential documents weren’t leaked.