Mbalula: Election candidates are thoroughly checked

The African National Congress held a media briefing on its readiness for the local government elections. There have been protests outside Luthuli House over the alleged rigging of candidates' lists. Courtesy of #DStv403

JOHANNESBURG - The ANC says it’s aiming for a majority in the coming elections.

Its election head, Fikile Mbalula, says its campaign is in full swing.  

The party has been plagued with disputes over its candidate lists.

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Mbalula said plans are in motion to resolve all that.

On Wednesday, protesters gathered outside Luthuli House to object to some of the selected candidates.

"When you are announced as a candidate of the ANC, you undergo a rigorous process of interviews," Mbalula said.

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"Because in the past, we have just said you are number one on the lists, become a mayor. It does not mean if you are number one on the lists, tomorrow you will become a mayor. You will be subjected [to interviews] because we have learned from experience.

"We have put people there, who some of them, we have found that they are challenged in terms of their capabilities," he said.

"Local government requires skilled people with the capacity to run local government."


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