ANC's manifesto shows commitment to implementing changes: Mbeki

Former president Thabo Mbeki is calling on people to vote for the ANC.

JOHANNESBURG - Former president Thabo Mbeki said the promises made during the 2019 election campaign will have consequences for the governing party.

Mbeki said the ANC manifesto shows commitment to implementing changes.

"It means we are making a commitment to the public that we're going to have to deal with those matters.

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"Therefore there is a degree of accountability of the ANC to the public which the ANC cannot run away from," he said.

"There are consequences to the commitments the ANC makes in the election manifesto to the population of South Africa."

Mbeki publicly showed his support for the ANC after signing a pledge on the ANC wall at the Rand Show.

He said in the past he couldn't honestly tell people to vote for the party.

"There was a period I couldn't say vote for the ANC knowing very well the wrong things that were happening," he said.

The former president also weighed in on the ANC parliamentary list

He said party veterans did right by voicing their disapproval of some candidates on the list.

Mbeki said the party needs to address all issues as it tries to right its wrongs.