MDC should learn to accept defeat gracefully: Zanu-PF

HARARE 02 August 2018 - Zanu-PF held a media briefing on Thursday, where the party urged all Zimbabweans to remain calm during this time.

HARARE - Zanu-PF has told the opposition MDC it should learn to accept defeat gracefully.


ZANU PF Mangwana: we should all lose graciously... there must be no loss of life. @eNCA #ZimElections2018

— Aldrin Sampear (@AldrinSampear) August 2, 2018


This after violent protest broke out in Harare, on Wednesday, leaving three people dead.

On Thursday, Paul Mangwana from Zanu-PF, told a media briefing that "no lives should be lost in pursuit of political agendas". 

Mangwana has called on Zimbabweans to remain calm and allow the electoral commission to do its job.

Zimbabweans are awaiting the announcement of the presidential results.


ZANU PF Mangwana: the elections have come, it is only the announcement of the winner which is outstanding. @eNCA #ZimElections2018

— Aldrin Sampear (@AldrinSampear) August 2, 2018