Malema: 'I won't serve in a Cabinet through the back door'

EFF President Julius Malema says Cyril Ramaphosa must not allow white monopoly capital to choose ministers. Courtesy #DStv403

JOHANNESBURG - EFF leader, Julius Malema is calling on president-elect Cyril Ramaphosa to choose his ministers carefully.

But he says he wouldn't serve as a minister in Ramaphosa's Cabinet.

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"I will only serve in a Cabinet if I'm elected, if I'm not elected people say you are not ready. So why should I come through the back door? I will not allow that," Malema said.

It remains to be seen whether those deemed as compromised leaders by the integrity commission, will become MPs.

"All the 'constitutional delinquents' shouldn't be in Cabinet. Anyone that has no respect for the oath of office, anyone who's been involved in shenanigans should not be appointed as a minister," he said.

Ramaphosa who'll take his oath of office on Saturday, is widely expected to announce his Cabinet on Sunday.


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