Mentor apologises to Hlongwane, corrects testimony

JOHANNESBURG - Former ANC MP Vytjie Mentor has returned to the Zondo commission for cross-examination on some inconsistencies in her original statement.

Appearing before the inquiry is not an easy task, she said. But she has chosen to do it in order to help rid the country of corruption.

Mentor said she would like footage of day one of former president Jacob Zuma's visit to China in 2010 to be sourced in order to test her submission that she saw Atul Gupta in Beijing.

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She said it could assist proving or disproving her recollection.

Mentor was asked if she is willing to exclude Atul Gupta as the man she claims she was introduced to when she met Duduzane Zuma on an Emirates flight to Beijing, China via Dubai, UAE.

Mentor said she's willing to exclude him and said she did not say he was the one.

She admitted she could have been mistaken in some of the details.

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"Ms Mentor has since retracted her allegations against Mr Fana Hlongwane and we will deal with that later," said advocate Mahlape Sello.

She said that Mentor maintains, however, that she can show on a flight plan where the man was seated who Duduzane Zuma allegedly introduced to her as his "chairman".

Mentor stated she would like to formally apologise to Hlongwane and she thanked him for his kindness in reply. 

Before tea, Sello referred to Emirates records stating Ajay and Rajesh Gupta, Duduzane Zuma and Vytjie Mentor were on the same flight on 22 August 2010.

"There were disparities and on one airline, which is SAA," says Mentor.

"Also, Chair, on that, when I compared the two there were missing legs of journeys.

"So, a comparative study of this record of SAA and the record of SAA from Parliament records, there was a disparity."