Anger a valid defence in Klarinet murder case, says lawyer

The Mpumalanga woman, who allegedly murdered her children with rat poison, wants to use extreme anger as a defence. Courtesy #DStv403

WITBANK - The Mpumalanga woman who allegedly murdered her children with rat poison could use extreme anger as a valid defence, says her lawyer.

Zinhle Maditla (25) is facing four counts of premeditated murder.

A psychiatric evaluation by the State deemed her fit to stand trial.

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Maditla wants to be temporarily released while the State deals with her case.

The court has heard shocking details of how Maditla confessed to buying rat poison after an argument with the father of two of her children.

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Maditla's lawyer argues that she's a first-time offender and a continued stay in prison wouldn't let her prepare adequately for trial.

He says his client will need to consult with independent experts to determine a possible defence of non-pathological criminal incapacity.

This means while Maditla may have been sane when she committed the crime, she could have been suffering from an emotional disturbance that eliminates criminal liability.

But the State argues no exceptional circumstances warranting bail were presented.

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It says it has a strong case against Maditla, who hid the bodies of the children.

The prosecutor's added that she tried to take her own life and may try to do so again -- which is an attempt to evade trial.

The State says Maditla is unemployed and her release on bail would be a financial burden on her family.

The court is expected to rule on her bail application next week.


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