Sexwale: Money for the poor stolen

ANC veteran and businessman Tokyo Sexwale spoke with JJ Tabane. Courtesy of #DStv403

JOHANNESBURG - Businessman and ANC veteran Tokyo Sexwale says money from the Heritage Fund - meant for the poor - has been stolen.

Sexwale has been involved in raising billions of rand, together with what he's called a very powerful family.

The money is meant to assist in various areas, including providing free education to those in need.

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Sexwale said President Cyril Ramaphosa and his predecessor, Jacob Zuma, are aware of this fund.

He was speaking to JJ Tabane on Power To Truth.

"I am part of two people who are in charge of the Heritage Fund that belongs to a very powerful family out there in the world. This fund is here in South Africa already, it comes through the SA Reserve Bank," Sexwale said. "I'm part of two people who are mandate holders.

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"The fund is able to help the students, for free education in this country. [Jacob] Zuma knew about the fund in 2016. Cyril [Ramaphosa] knew about the fund at that time that's why comrade Zuma spoke about free education, not government money."

Sexwale said "in the process of making sure this money is brought into the economy, we found some resistance. And when we checked the resistance, we found some of this money has been stolen."

He said the theft is being investigated.


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