Gruesome details of Klarinet child murders emerge

Zinhle Maditla has confessed to murdering her four young children: eight-year-old Minenhle, six-year-old Blessing, four-year-old Shaniqua and 11-month-old Ethan. Courtesy #DStv403

JOHANNESBURG - The Emalahleni magistrate's court on Thursday heard the shocking details of how a mother murdered her four children using rat poison.

Zinhle Maditla has been in custody since December last year and wants to be released on bail while the state deals with her case.

The state, which is opposing bail, called the investigating officer as a witness.

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He revealed how Maditla had an argument with the father of two of her children after finding him with another woman. 

On her way home that day, she bought rat poison and put it into the food she prepared for the three oldest children.

She then laced her breast with the same poison before feeding her baby.

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For days, Maditla kept the children's bodies wrapped in a blanket in her room and when they were finally discovered, they had already begun decomposing. 

The case returns to court on 5 June when the investigating officer will be cross-examined.


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