Mozambique unrest: Survivor asks for help

The town in the Cabo Delgado province was attacked by Islamic militants. One survivor is asking for assistance for those left behind. Courtesy of #DStv403

JOHANNESBURG - The brother of a South African man who died in Mozambique last month is pleading for assistance for thousands of people still stuck in Palma.

The town in the Cabo Delgado province was attacked by Islamic militants. 

Dozens of people died and those who could not escape are trapped there without food and other supplies. 

Wesley Nel, his brother Adrian, and his dad Greg Knox were trapped in the Amarula Hotel without food for three days and without any weapons to protect themselves.

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Adrian was shot twice but continued driving to save the lives of his brother and father.

Adrian's wife and three children have been left without an income.

"We trying to raise the money to keep them in the schools and would also like to send them to university both me and my brother never got the opportunity and that was the one thing he was really strong about was his kids gotta go to university."

Nel estimates about 25,000 people are still in Palma without supplies, and he wants to help them.

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"When we left there we hadn't eaten for five days when we evacuated it's now been almost 20 days that some of these people, they are starving and they are abandoned," he said.

Nel is asking the South African public to contact him about non-perishable food donations, which South Africans will then transport from Pemba to Palma via the coast.

* eNCA's Nadine Theron reports.








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