Mpumalanga identified as world's biggest air pollution hotspot

MBOMBELA - Greenpeace analysis has identified Mpumalanga as the world’s largest air pollution hotspot across six continents. 

The revelation has been made by Greenpeace, which has released new satellite data.

Mpumalanga is home to 12 coal-fired power plants.

“It has been reported before that the Witbank area has the world’s dirtiest air, and now this analysis has revealed that Mpumalanga is the global number one hotspot for NO2 emissions," said Melita Steele, Senior Climate and Energy Campaign Manager for Greenpeace Africa.

"This confirms that South Africa has the most polluting cluster of coal-fired power stations in the world, which is both disturbing and very scary.”

The satellite data also shows that Johannesburg and Pretoria are affected by the pollution, which blows across from Mpumalanga.


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