Murders in Cape Town on the rise

Cape Town's ongoing gang violence costs a lot more than just people's lives. Courtesy #DStv403

JOHANNESBURG - Murders in Cape Town last weekend increased to 46.

This is despite the deployment of the army and an increased police presence.

Meanwhile, the Western Cape health system is under severe pressure with millions being spent to treat gunshot and stab wounds.

The 46 murders last weekend included 21 shootings and 20 stabbings.

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There were also several reports of residents being injured in the shootings.

The previous weekend when the army had just been deployed there were 25 murders and while the police and army battle it out to bring stability to the gang-ridden areas, hospitals and clinics are under severe strain.

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“A multiple bullet wounded person takes longer to manage and impacts on the waiting time of others as they are a priority,” said Western Cape MEC for health Nomafrench Mbombo. 

"They are the red patients. A costing that has been recently done by trauma surgeons and specialists, found that we spend on average about R25,000 per person excluding the medication, excluding the length of stay and the ambulance."

The Health MEC says the ongoing violence is also impacting negatively on the communities’ mental health, with children in particular, being traumatised.