N3 Toll Concession relying on law enforcement to clear blockade

Trucks are blockading the N3 at Van Reenen's Pass in both directions. Traffic is being diverted to alternative routes. eNCA speaks to Thania Dhoogra, Operational Manager for N3 Toll Concession for more. Courtesy #DStv403

JOHANNESBURG - The Operations Manager at the N3 Toll Concession says they're relying on law enforcement to get the road reopened.

Trucks are blocking the N3 at Van Reenen’s Pass in both directions.

The reason behind the protest is unclear.

WATCH: N3 highway at Van Reenen's pass blocked

“The N3 is a premier corridor of economy, so obviously any disruption to the flow of traffic will significantly impact on the economy in totality," said Thania Dhoogra.

"The traffic flow on the N3 itself is currently blocked.

"We are encouraging road users to avoid the area as much as possible and to delay their travel.

"I think that at this point in time we are reliant on the law enforcement to reopen the road and restore the flow of traffic and get goods and service and people flowing again.”


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