Cameras aid Joburg CBD arrests

With over 400 surveillance cameras monitoring the city's streets, the JMPD's confident it's gained the upper hand and residents can breathe easier.

JOHANNESBURG - Three people have been arrested since the JMPD's undercover crime-busters launched on Tuesday.

Over 400 CCTV surveillance cameras are now operating in the Johannesburg CBD.

The undercover unit of 80 officers is proving its worth, with the suspects arrested and illegal firearms recovered.

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JMPD spokesperson Wayne Minnaar said the new CCTV reaction unit responded to three incidents Thursday.

"The one was in Fordsburg where the officers prevented a hijacking. The suspects shot at officers and officers shot back and the suspects fled."

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The JMPD is confident they have gained the upper hand and residents can breathe easier.

Perpetrators who are caught are then paraded on camera.

This ensures they can be easily identified when evidence is presented in court.