New labour demonstration regulations proposed

PRETORIA - Violent and destructive strikes might soon be something of the past if new regulations in the Labour Relations Act are adhered to.

The amendments aim to bring order and stop protracted labour action.

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Phetheni Nkuna, an employment lawyer explained, "before the CCMA can issue a certificate confirming that conciliation was not successful, which is the certificate that the union issue for a strike notice, they're now required to conclude picketing rules.

"Until that's done the CCMA will not issue that certificate."

Unions will only be allowed to protest at designated areas.

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They can't interfere with the access of suppliers or clients, engage in intimidation or carry dangerous weapons.

Contravening these rules will allow employers to apply for an interdict to stop the mass action.

Unions say the changes to the labour law shouldn't water down their right to strike.