Nicholas Ninow jailed for life

PRETORIA - The harrowing impact of the Dros rape on its victim has been read out during Nicholas Ninow's sentencing proceedings.

Ninow was sentenced to life imprisonment for rape.

For the possession of drugs, Ninow was sentenced to five years. For defeating the ends of justice, he was sentenced to five years.

Judge Mokhine Mosopa summarised the pre-sentencing evidence.

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Mosopa said the fact that Ninow chose a child as his victim, is a case for concern.

"The accused is a young person. At the time [of the rape] the accused had a fiance who was pregnant with his child.

"The accused is content that his child -- who is currently 10 months old -- will grow up without a father figure in his life as he will be doing time in prison."

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Forensic social worker Karin Botha presented the victim impact statement during Ninow's sentencing proceedings.

Botha said that Ninow's victim wants him to be punished for what he's done.

"She mentioned that she still experienced nightmares on a regular basis," Botha testified.

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The state called for a harsh sentence, saying Ninow shows no remorse.

Ninow's lawyer said there are mitigating factors.

Earlier, Ninow's grandmother Pauline Gericke said he never stood a chance against drugs.


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