WATCH: Nigerian consul general calls for decisive action against looters

The Nigerian community has been vocal about attacks on its members and there has been some retaliation against South African owned businesses in Nigeria. Courtesy #DStv403

JOHANNESBURG - Nigeria's Consul General in South Africa Godwin Adama wants decisive action taken against looters.

Foreign-owned shops have been targeted in looting in various parts of Gauteng.

The South African government has condemned the attacks.

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Adama has given assurances the attacks won't affect relations between the two countries.

“Tackle the situation decisively, because form what I have heard, people were allowed to go looting and getting out without anyone stopping them,” Adama said.

“In other cases, police were there to handle the situation effectively.

“We are not used to revenge as Nigerians in terms of things like this. Nigerians love foreigners a lot, Nigerians would rather protect a foreigner than attack a foreigner.

“That has been the image of Nigeria. I don’t encourage any form of revenge because it will not solve the problem.”

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Meanwhile, the African Diaspora Forum has called on SADC chair of Tanzania's President John Magufuli to convene an urgent meeting of the organisation.

It says the meeting will need to address xenophobic attacks and the victimising of foreigners in South Africa.


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