NMF: Apartheid flag ruling not a victory

Judge Phineas Mojapleo has restricted the use of the old Apartheid flag. He says its gratuitous display constitutes hate speech. Courtesy #DStv403

JOHANNESBURG - The Nelson Mandela Foundation says Wednesday's judgment on the old Apartheid flag is not a victory.

The Equality Court ruled the gratuitous display of the old South African flag constitutes hate speech.

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The organisation says until South Africans can work together in achieving unity it’ll all be in vain.

The foundation's CEO, Sello Hatang says, "For us, this is not a victory until such time that judges concluding remarks are achieved. He pleased with all those with interest in this matter to work together to help achieve what the constitution wants us to do. I think if we're to be victorious we would have to turn 90-degrees today."

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"The decision is dedicated to Ahmed Kathrada, he sacrificed 26 years in prison for us to be able to stand here and say we can build a difference SA. We don’t just throw insult in that pain. We are hoping to join hands with Afriforum to says let’s not poison the future by displaying the flag."