Northern Cape farmers struggle with drought

VANWYKSVLEI - Longsuffering farmers in the Northern Cape have said government assistance to support them through the worst drought in decades is insufficient.

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Livestock and wildlife have died in large numbers. 12 farms in Vanwyksvlei have been closed.

Nicol Jansen, the president of Agri Northern Cape, said, "70% of the Northern Cape has the worst drought in 50 years. Bit a huge part, a large part of this area is experiencing the worst drought in mankind, that there are records of."

Government has set R30-million aside for drought relief, and South Africans are supplementing this with donations of their own.

Farmers say they are grateful for the government's help but say it's not even close to enough.

They have stated the Northern Cape urgently need R688 million to stabilise the economy for three months. 

Many farmers have no choice but to sell off livestock.

They say all they can do is pray for rain.