Nosicelo Mtebeni murder | Battling to fill the 'House of Horror'

At the end of  August, all the tenants who lived in the house at 117 Fleet  Street in Quigney, moved out. They were left traumatised by the gruesome murder of Fort Hare  University Law student Nosicelo Mtebeni. She was killed and butchered inside this house by her boyfriend Alutha Pasile. eNCA's Ayesha Ismail reports. Courtesy #DStv403

EAST LONDON - It’s often not difficult to find tenants in certain areas.

But the 10-bedroomed house where Nosicelo Mtebeni was murdered in  August is standing almost empty.

The once-packed home has been dubbed the house of horror.  

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Mtebeni”s boyfriend has been convicted of her murder after he confessed to killing her.

Sentencing procedures will start on Thursday.

* eNCA's Ayesha Ismail reports.


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