WATCH | NPA says it won't prosecute adv Billy Downer


JOHANNESBURG -  Former president Jacob Zuma can pursue a private prosecution against Billy Downer if he so wishes. 

The National Prosecuting Authority says it agrees with the KZN Director of Public Prosecutions that there is no case to be made against Downer.



Last year Zuma laid criminal charges against Downer for allegedly leaking medical records, a claim the NPA denies.

The NPA has previously declined to prosecute.

Downer is the main prosecutor in Zuma’s corruption trial.

Zuma previously applied to have him removed from the case but failed.

His legal team now has three months to launch the prosecution.

The NPA has put its full support behind Downer.

The NPA says the trial against Zuma and Thales will resume on 15 August.


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