NUM expresses concern over rush to phase out coal

Leaders at COP26 are pushing for the phasing out of coal. Germany has committed to give South Africa R12.5-billion to phase out coal energy. But what does this mean to towns that are heavily dependant on coal? eNCA reporter Heidi Giokos unpacks this. Courtesy #DStv403

JOHANNESBURG - The National Union of Mineworkers says South Africa should not be rushed into phasing out the use of coal.

It says it does however support a move to renewable energy.

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Germany has committed to giving South Africa R12,5-billion to phase out coal energy.

NUM warns an abrupt shift will affect jobs.

 NUM Highveld Deputy Regional Chairperson Malekutu Motubatse said, "we are not opposed to renewals but the process has to be holistic. It should not just be a decision that is taken by the few. If we are reckless with our approach, we will end up with a situation."

"If we just do things haphazardly we will end having devastating negative effects not only towards this province but towards the city."



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