IN NUMBERS: Myeni pleads poverty

The former SAA board member says she can't afford to fly to Pretoria to attend her court case. Michael Marillier and Jeremy Maggs look at the numbers.

JOHANNESBURG - Former South African Airways (SAA) board chairperson Dudu Myeni has earned hundreds of thousands of rand for her positions on various boards over the years.

Now she says she can't afford to fly to Pretoria to appear in the North Gauteng High Court. 

Lobby Group Outa and the SAA Pilots Association have taken her to court, saying she's a 'delinquent director'. 

On Tuesday, she failed to appear in court for a second time, citing financial reasons. 

The court has said that it will commence proceedings on Thursday with or without her.

eNCA's Michael Marillier takes a look at the various positions that Myeni has held and what income she's likely to have received.

Watch the video above for more. 

The Former SAA board chairperson has failed to arrive in court twice this week, claiming she can't afford to fly to Pretoria. Heidi Giokos reports. Courtesy #DStv403