Numsa says illegal factory strike is over

DURBAN - An illegal strike at a Durban Toyota assembly plant has been halted after intervention from the National Union of Mineworkers of SA (Numsa).

The factory was reportedly lost production of 500 vehicles for every day of the strike.

Numsa KZN Regional Secretary, Mbuso Ngubane said a deadlock was reached between employees and the company over a refusal to work overtime.

Ngubane said Numsa offered to intervene but was refused. He stated the union did not support the strike when it commenced.

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On Monday, Ngubane said the union was able to meet with their members and the employers and reached a consensus. 

2,895 workers who were summarily dismissed were reinstated but will receive a final written warning because of their participation in the unprotected strike.

Numsa is now engaged in discussions with Toyota to ensure long-term stability between the employer and the workforce.