NW oversight visit suddenly cancelled

KLERKSDORP - The National Council of Provinces unexpectedly cancelled an oversight visit to the North West province for unknown reasons, as the province remains fraught with service delivery problems

In May, the national government took over key North West departments, following violent protests.

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A visit to the first two intended sites, painted a picture of no tangible change since the national government invoked section 100 of the Constitution, to take over the running of several government departments. 

Tshepong Hospital remains beset by delays and distressed patients who say it takes hours to see a doctor.

In nearby Alabama, a primary school is finished but stands empty.

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Construction on Alabama Primary’s new school premises began in 2016; over two years later classes continue in prefab temporary structures. 

Locals claim that funds have been misappropriated. Rumours swirl that fraud and missing funds are the reasons behind the delay.

Alabama community member, Martin Lucher, said, "it’s been a long time and there is always a problem and we don’t see progress... We don’t know anything."

Local officials refuse to officially confirm the rumoured reason that the handover was delayed: non-payment by the national education department to the provincial administration.

NCOP officials are yet to explain why their inspection was abandoned. 

The National Council of Provinces has abandoned a North West province oversight visit, at the eleventh hour. It is not yet clear why the visit was cancelled.


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